2020 was such a difficult year for businesses.  COVID-19 brought closures and sudden, decreased income for most businesses.  With so much uncertainty, a businesses needs timely access to accurate information about their performance.  It is crucial that they have people who understand the eligibility and reporting requirements of the complicated government assistance measures as they grow and evolve.

Kirra Consulting pride’s itself on providing a high level of bookkeeping services.  This gives business owners the peace of mind to be able to focus on their business and leave the complex world of bookkeeping and tax to us.  Successful business owners do not expect that they are the best person to undertake the bookkeeping role, even when they have the skills.  They understand their time spent on the books takes them away from the reason they set the business up in the first place.

New bookkeeping clients

The post COVID-19 landscape brought new clients to Kirra Consulting, most notably the Coolangatta Surf Club, who have been our largest bookkeeping client since May 2020.  They needed more accurate bookkeeping and reporting and we are all delighted with the business relationship and trust that has developed, as a result.  We know that the fact they could rely on their weekly and monthly reports, as well as understanding exactly how much government assistance was available to them, was able to assist them through the uncertain last half of 2020.

New staff

As the demand for our bookkeeping services increased, we needed to grow our team.  Keeping our existing customers happy, whilst being ensuring Annie wouldn’t get burnt out, and could take time off, was critical.  We also knew we needed to have the resources to keep accepting new bookkeeping clients, as they found their way to us.

We were VERY fortunate to find Pauline Wheatley, who has been a perfect fit to our small team.  Pauline brings with her a wealth of her own experience and an injection of energy and as a result, our team is going from strength to strength.  Pauline works with us three days a week and Annie and Pauline are now able to provide an even higher level of bookkeeping service to our clients.  Although it was a daunting task at the time, when we were so busy, we are so glad we took the plunge when we did.  We know we are better, happier and stronger with Pauline on our team.

If you’re thinking that you need some bookkeeping assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0418 844 627, Mon – Thurs during business hours.  Will you be our latest satisfied client?


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