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Kirra Consulting’s bookkeeping services provide accurate and professional bookkeeping, saving you time and potentially reducing your accounting fees.

Are you a hotel, club or retirement village, start-up or established business needing bookkeeping services? Take advantage of some, or all of our bookkeeping services and reduce your stress.

Three critical differences about Kirra Consulting Bookkeeping:-

1. Kirra Consulting does all bookkeeping in-house. Other accounting and bookkeeping businesses may outsource your bookkeeping work offshore.
The personalised, local service provided means your business needs can easily be discussed by phone, or face to face.

2. Kirra Consulting is a Registered Tax Agent and can prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Kirra Consulting can also liaise with the ATO on your behalf to arrange refunds, transfers, payment arrangements and sort out any discrepancies and errors.

3. Kirra Consulting is an accounting practice with bookkeepers doing bookkeeping work at bookkeeping rates. In a unique environment where their bookkeepers work with their accountants, they understand what financial information is needed by accountants for quarterly, annual and tax reporting purposes. This ensures a high standard of accurate financial information is always at your accountants’ fingertips.

“The Eureka Hotel Group currently owns and operates 17 hotels and employees more than 350 staff in South Australia. Kirra Consulting P/L has worked with and been our accountant since it commenced operations in 2007. We have always found the services Kirra provides of the highest quality and feel very confident and proud in recommending their services” Mike Lunniss Group Operations Manager, SA Eureka Hotel Group

Some of the bookkeeping services Kirra Consulting provide include but are not limited to:

• Processing supplier invoices, statement reconciliations and payments
• Setting up and managing payment arrangements between you and your suppliers
• Raising sales invoices and sending them to customers
• Following up debtors
• Processing payroll, payroll tax, superannuation and workcover reporting
• Reconciling bank statements
• Generating trial balance, profit and loss statements, balance sheets and other financial reports
• Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement
• Identifying and reporting on irregular expenses
• Developing, monitoring and improving bookkeeping systems and procedures that account for all your financial transactions and records.

Discover more about Kirra Consulting bookkeeping services today.
If you’d like professional, accurate bookkeeping from a business that understands the financial information you and your accountant need, saving you time and possibly reducing your accounting fees, contact Kirra Consulting today.

For further details about Kirra Consulting’s Bookkeeping services please phone (08) 8234 8006 or click here to arrange a FREE 30-minute appointment.


In a competitive business environment, accurate and timely financial information is crucial. Kirra Consulting offers you the tools to make informed decisions in the realms of resource planning, business direction and higher profitability – whether you are looking for preparation of annual accounts, tax advice or any form of reporting that offers insight and the ability to advance your business based on financial knowledge.

For further details about Kirra Consulting’s Accounting services please phone (08) 8234 8006 or click here to arrange a 30-minute appointment FREE.


Small business benchmarks are a guide to help you compare your business’s performance against similar businesses in the same industry. Performance benchmarks are financial ranges for your industry to help you work out how you compare to other businesses in your industry and if you need to make any improvements. Simplified Business Activity Statements can be used in some small businesses to ease the burden of calculating GST payable to the Australian Taxation Office. By using benchmarking, businesses are able to focus their resources where it is needed – on their business, not on preparing Business Activity Statements. This can increase the profitability of the business. The Australian Taxation Office also use benchmarks and other risk indicators to identify businesses that may be avoiding their tax obligations by not reporting some (or all) of their income. Information reported in your tax returns or activity statements is compared with the key performance benchmark for your industry. If you would like to know more about benchmarking and your business please contact us for an appointment to discuss.

For further details about Kirra Consulting’s business benchmarking services please phone (08) 8234 8006 or click here to arrange a 30-minute appointment FREE.

Budgeting and Cashflow Forecasting

Do you know how your business is likely to perform over the next 12 months? Do you have any idea how much profit you are likely to earn? Do you know how much cash your business has generated and will generate, based on your budget, over the next 12 months? Is your business running the way you thought it would? Kirra Consulting can develop a budget for you based on your historical reports and factoring in any anticipated changes. We can then provide regular budget variance reports that show you how your business is tracking against this budget. We can also provide Forecast reports.  These are a combination of actual Year to Date figures with anticipated Budget figures, to demonstrate your likely financial position in 12 months.  This will give you the information you need to make crucial decisions to correct and realign your business to your plan or to utilise additional cash to minimise borrowing costs. We have extensive experience in budgeting and forecasting and know you would benefit from sharing our knowledge.  Contact us to discuss how we can help.

For further details about budgeting and cashflow forecasting for your business please call us at Kirra Consulting on (08) 8234 8006 or click here to arrange a FREE 30-minute appointment.

Business Start Up

Have your bought a business or are you starting a new one? Do you need help navigating this new and stressful environment? We offer initial, pre or post purchase advice to all levels of business. Have Do you need a financial system set up to start tracking your business accurately? Do you have employees or contractors (and do you know the difference from the Tax Office’s point of view)? Do you need to be registered for GST or WorkCover? Do you need an ABN? Do you know which business structure to use? Are you looking to outsource your accounts payable? We have experience to advise and support you in all of these areas of business, from initial advice to continued, ongoing support.

For a FREE 30-minute appointment about buying or starting your own business, please call the business start-up team at Kirra Consulting on (08) 8234 8006 or click here

Entity Experience

The team at Kirra Consulting have extensive experience with the following business structures:-








  • companies
  • trusts
  • partnerships
  • joint ventures
  • sole traders.

We understand how these entities work from a legal, accounting and tax point of view and can explain the differences and the pros and cons of each.

For more information or a free 30-minute appointment about trusts, partnerships, setting up companies or any of our Entity experience services, please call Kirra Consulting on (08) 8234 8006 or please email us here 

Financial Reporting

Business success is driven by informed decision making. To be informed, you need reports about your business that tell you how it is performing and whether you are on track to meet your business objectives. We can tailor reports that will give you the answers you are seeking. What is your annual turnover? What are your gross profit margins? What are your wage percentages? What other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are relevant for your business and the industry your business operates in? Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your particular reporting requirements.

For more information about Kirra Consulting’s financial reporting services or a free 30-minute appointment, please call us on (08) 8234 8006 or email us here 

Strategic Planning

Do you have a plan of where you want to go and how you want to get there? That is Strategic Planning. Setting up a strategic plan and then tracking its progress, provides direction as your business grows. In a busy environment, the daily emphasis may shift from forward planning to the tasks at hand, but who is driving your business forward? We can help you visualise where you want your business to be in the next 5 years, and develop a plan to achieve your business goals. Defining your objectives is a fundamental tool of achieving your dreams. Planning is the vehicle that drives your business forward in the direction in which you want to go.

Want to know more about Strategic Planning? Call Kirra Consulting today and you can also receive a free 30-minute strategic planning consultation. Call us now on (08) 8234 8006 or email us here 

Tax Compliance

Do you understand your obligations to the ATO? Are you lodging your statements and returns accurately and on time? Did you know that there is an extension of the lodgement and payment date for most of these returns, if a Tax Agent lodges these returns on your behalf? Some clients choose to prepare some of these statements on their own, and only require us to lodge these documents with the ATO. Other clients choose a higher level of involvement by us, to ensure compliance with ATO requirements in relation to the following:-


  • Income Tax returns
    • Company
    • Trust
    • Partnership
    • Individual
  • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
  • Instalment Activity Statements (IAS), and
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

Accurate preparation and timely lodgement of these returns, as well as understanding how much tax is due and when, will ensure your business continues to meet its ATO obligations. Our expertise will help you demonstrate successful lodgement and payment history with the ATO. Contact us to discuss your compliance requirements.

Need to know more about Tax Compliance? Call Kirra Consulting today for a free 30-minute tax compliance review for your peace of mind. Call us now on (08) 8234 8006 or email us here 


All Services

An overview of what we do.

Business Services

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Business Services (Overview)

  1. Accounting
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Bookkeeping
  4. Budgeting & Cash Flow Forecasting
  5. Business Start Up
      • Initial / pre or post purchase advice
      • Setup of new venues / Suppliers / Software files
      • Outsourcing of Accounts Payable
  6. Entity Experience
      • Companies
      • Joint Venues
      • Partnerships
      • Sole Proprietors
      • Trusts
  7. Financial Reporting
  8. Strategic Planning
  9. Tax Compliance
      • Income Tax Returns
      • Business Activity Statements (BAS)
      • Installment Activity Statements (IAS)
      • Fringe Benefits Tax Returns (FBT)

Specialist Services

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Specialist Services (Overview)

  1. Bank communications
  2. Business Procedure Reviews
      • Improving functionality
      • Improving efficiency
      • Identifying gaps / Training requirements
      • Procedure Development
  3. Consolidated groups / Multiple entities
  4. Deceased Estate administration
  5. Group structures / Re-structures / Reviews
  6. GST advice
  7. Industry experience including
      • Hospitality
      • Retirement Villages
      • Construction
      • Property Development
  8. Rental Property – Taxation advice / Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Reporting
  9. Selling your business
  10. Taxation advice
      • Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
      • Communication with ATO (Tax obligations / Payment plans)
      • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
      • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
      • Income Tax (Company, Deceased Estate, Individual, Partnerships, Trusts)

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